• Ireland is an island where there is almost always a brisk wind and it rains more than it is sunny. Therefore it is important to bring an umbrella, raincoat or poncho.
  • The currency in Ireland is Euro.
  • Dublin is the capital of Ireland.
  • The time difference is 1 hour from Sweden, ie if 13:00 am it is only 12:00 a.m in Ireland.
  • You need an adapter to use electricity in Ireland, they have three holes in the wall.
  • They have left side traffic in Ireland, so think about that when you cross a street.
  • In Ireland they speaks two languages, both English and Irish who came in the 1100s. Irish is related to the Gaelic spoken in Scotland before.


  • Rainwear / umbrella - it rains often in Ireland
  • Warm jacket - preferably windproof
  • handkerchiefs