My favorite music - sing more, smile more, laught more, love more and be more happy!

Music - all my favorites can be found here. These songs give me healing, well-being and great joy. Wish you can feel the same.

Sandra Andersson, a dear friend, writes like this about her music.
"Music is my joy, passion and source of inspiration. It is like oxygen to me, I can not breathe without the music! My own music and my own creation is what I am most passionate about and "Smule" is a fantastic tool that helps me to constantly develop and most important of all, we have fun. Thank you all co-creators for your beautiful voices and the joy you spread.

Songs we listen to during my prayer group can also be found here.

Song is in Portuguese and are often played, very beautiful. Makes me feel safe and taken care of.

Lovely song that makes me calm and satisfied in both body and soul.

A beautiful song performed by two fantastic people. Spreads lots of love to everyone who listens.

A song that Sandra performed at the request of my mother in heaven. Dedicated to my father when he was about to cross over to the other side.