Vacation in Salvador - Porto Seguro

Experience a few cities along the coast of Brazil. The trip consists of among other things, Brazil's history, from the time when the first Portuguese landed in Brazil and were met by Indians.

We make several tours through Salvador's old and new part of town. We will visit the famous Lacerda elevator that connects the upper and lower part of the city. We stop at the sights to feel the atmosphere and take pictures.

We will also make trips to other fantastic places in Salvador, as well as have plenty of opportunity for sunbathing and swimming. We will make an evening trip, where we get to enjoy Brazilian music, entertainment and a nice dinner.

We then travel to Porto Seguro.

We arrive in Porto Seguro, and will stay here five nights which gives plenty of time to experience and get a sense of the history in this old city. Porto Seguros history is ancient. A walking tour with guide will take us to the old part of town. A fantastic trip by boat, we will visit a commercial street by the beach where you will find many fine craftsmen and an Indian museum. In the evenings there is a nice street along the beach where it is possible to stroll, do some shopping, have a cup of coffee or just enjoy the Brazilian atmosphere.

The hotel where we will stay is right next to the beach, and has a cozy environment where you can relax. There is also a beautiful pool and a bar where you can enjoy the evening's final hours with new friends and also enjoy a simple snacks such as a hot sandwich and a cold beer.

If you are an early riser, you can watch the sunrise over the ocean. While you eat your breakfast, you can continue to enjoy the ocean view. Every day there are opportunities for swimming, sightseeing and shopping.

Most importantly we want you to that you enjoy your stay and have ample opportunity to relax.

 You will be well taken care of by me as your Swedish Guide and Luciano as your English speaking Brazilian guide. We will do everything to make your stay as nice as possible and we are available around the clock for you.

The journey starts in Salvador, and if you have problems booking flight let me know.


  • Five nights accommodation in Salvador
  • Transfers Salvador - Porto Seguro
  • Five nights accommodation in Porto Seguro
  • Transfers between airports and hotels
  • Overnight stays including breakfast and dinner.
  • (no drinks included at dinner)
  • All trips include Swedish, English and Portuguese speaking guides.
  • Entrances included

Price: 21 900 sek + flight

Travel date 2018