Join me on a 6 - day trip to Bosnia.

It requires normal fitness to accompany all the places we visit. Both Swedish guide and English speaking guide from Visoko.

We live in a nice hotel near the Bosna River in central Visoko. During the week we will visit both Pyramids and excavation site, Healing tunnels Ravne, the park Ravne 2, Tumulus in Vratnica, Stone balls, Caves and Thermal baths.

The journey includes visits to exciting places and you get to experience places with spiritual energies. We have some duided meditations, but also own meditations. (however, participation is volontary)


Pyramid of the Sun

With its 220 meters it is the tallest pyramid on Earth. From the top of the pyramide of the Sun, an energy beam of 28 kHz has been measured with a radius of 4,5 meter radiation straight out int the universe.
The pyramid has concrete blocks thats lie below th soil that are now excavated in some places. We visit the excavation and when we are almost at the top we will have a meditation.
At the top on the pyramid we can sit for a while on our own and make contact with the special energies. Pyramid of the Sun have male energy.


Pyramid of the Moon

Pyramid of the moon is built in steps made of stones that are now excavated. The pyramid has a feminine energy and has no pointed top but has a plateau. We eat lunch out here in nature and have a meditation and take part of the energy. Lunch here costs between 10 - 12 euros including drinks.

Tumulus in Vratnica

A conical hill that is said to remind of Silbury Hill in England. Situated 5 km from Visoko. There are a number of underground tunnels. Drilling has been done and found both roof, void ei chambers and a foundation of concrete. They have discovered that there is a similar energy beam at 28 kHz, just like on the Sun Pyramid.

Tunnels Ravne

A network of underground tunnels. The tunnels are more than 30,000 years old, about 5,000 years ago the tunnels were filled, we don´t know why but now they are open again.
The energy insida the tunnels are special and high levels of negative ions hav neen measured ( which are positive for humans), the tunnels also have the Schumann resonance 7,83 Hz, people come from all over the world to experience the healing energy inside the tunnels.


Park Ravne 2 

We visit the park and here in this beautiful environment you can walk on your own and find your favorite place. Sit down and have you own meditation, just sit down and enjoy or just walk around in the park.

Stoneballs in Zavidovici

We visit two different places, one of which has many stoneballs. They lie both in the forest and at a stream. The next place we visit has a huge stoneball where we can feel the energy of the stone. We eat at wonderful lunch here in the nature that costs 12 euros including drinks.

Caves, Bijambare Nature Park

First a nice walk in the beautiful park, the we explore the caves.

Included in the price:

Transfer Sarajevo - Visoko + other places we visit
6 overnight stays in hotels including breakfast, singel room ( double room
Meditations both guided and own
Thermal bath (bring swimwear)

Not included

Lunch and dinner



1 Sept - 7 Sept 2019

Kostnad: 8490 sek + flyg


We go with Austrian Airlines. Destination is Sarajevo.
Please try to arrive Sarajevo same day as we do.
Fill in the form here and I will send a request for booking fee on 2000 sek by PayPal.
All necessary information will come to your e-mail or by post.
I will send a new request for final payment by PayPal 45 - 50 days before departure.

  • Special food or special needs
Jannie o vår chaufför Mirza
Jannie o vår chaufför Mirza
Megalith i tunnlarna Ravne
Megalith i tunnlarna Ravne
Stone ball
Stone ball
Jannie Videen. och Semir Osmanagich
Jannie Videen. och Semir Osmanagich
Bosniskt kaffe
Bosniskt kaffe
Härlig meditationsplats vid Solpyramiden
Härlig meditationsplats vid Solpyramiden
Tunnlarna Ravne
Tunnlarna Ravne