Visoko - the sacred pyramid valley, Bosnia

Come with us to Bosnia and experience a magical week.

We will stay in central Visoko at the Hotel Sunca located right next to the beautiful river Bosna. We will be visiting the Pyramids, the Healing tunnels and the Tumulus in Vratnica.
The trip will have exciting archaeological sites and spiritual energies. 

Pyramid of the Sun

It is the highest pyramid on earth standing 220 meters tall. From the top of Pyramid of the Sun there have been measurements showing that an energy beam 4,5 meters wide reading 28kHz is radiating straight up into the sky and into the universe. The pyramid has ancient concrete blocks hidden under the undergrowth and a layer of dirt. But in some places these blocks and the pyramid has been laid bear. We will visit several of these dig sites, and have group meditations on the pyramid to contact the strange energies there.

Pyramid of the Moon

Pyramid of the Moon is a step pyramid made of stone, now partially uncovered. This pyramid has a feminine energy. We will meditate here, and take part of these energies.

Tumulus in Vratnica

A hill that is said to look a lot like Silbury hill in England. It's located 5 km away from Visoko.

Tunnlarna Ravne

A network of underground tunnels have been found in Visoko. The tunnels are more than 24 000 years old, and were filled in and closed off 5 000 years ago, no one knows why, but now people are opening them up again. The tunnels have a special energy, the air has an unusually high amount of negative ions (which has positive health effects). The tunnels also vibrate at the Schumann resonance, 7,83Hz. People travel from all over the world to experience the healing energy inside the tunnels. We will have mediation sessions in the tunnels, in the healing chamber, and visit the orb chamber.
Parken Ravne 2


Included in the price of the trip:
Transfer fees
6 nights stay at a hotel in a single or double room, including breakfast
2 guides
Entrance fees

Not Included:
Airline Tickets


Limited amount of participants


27 MAJ - 2 JUNE

Price: 5990 sek + flight