Weekend tour in the southern Sweden
Friday – Sunday


Welcome to a trip to southern Sweden, to specially selected locations. We will visit spiritual and historical places and places with special vigour. We will experience the Swedish nature and visit nice vantage points. We will also get the opportunity to see The King of the Forest, the moose, in their own environment in just a few meters away!
On this trip through Skåne you will sense the tide of history through several centuries.
During Friday to Sunday there will be a lot of experiences and some history.
You will also have the opportunity to feel the energies in some selected places, before I will tell you about them. There is no right or wrong, everyone gets their own sense of the place.


ALE STENAR - most famous place with power in Skåne
GLIMMINGEHUS BORG - a castle from 1499
KUNGAGRAVEN - an burial ground from with engravings of people, ships and animals.
STENSHUVUD - we visit a magnificent vantage point in the National Park.



CHRISTINEHOFS SLOTT - a castle from 1741
AOSEHUS - a castle ruin from 1137.
VETTERYD GRAVPLATS - a burial ground from the younger Iron Age consisting of about 250 stones
SMÅLANDET, MARKARYD - we visit the moose close up in there own environment - forest.



STENBOCKSSTENEN - Memory of Magnus Stenbock and the battle against the Danes in 1710
VÄSTRA STRÖMONUMENTET - stones with carvings from the 9th century
ODENSJÖN - a round lake that belongs to the Söderåsens National Park which is 19 m deep.
KOPPARHATTEN - National Park with famous viewpoint (200 m) over Nackarpsdalen.
SKÄRALID - a magic park in the long gorge

We will start our journey on Friday at 09.00 at Hyllie train station in Malmoe and end it at the same place on Sunday around 19.00.
Please notice to bring raincoat or/and umbrella in case of rain. Comfortable walking shoes is a necessity.
You do not need to bring your own sheets.
We will travel by cars containing a maximum of 9 persons/car.
Note! At least 8 participants are required
Included in the price:
English speaking guide
2 overnight stays in shared double room/ two bed room/ three bed room
Single room supplement 45 €
Breakfast Saturday and Sunday
Price: 390 €

Not included:
Lunch and dinner

Ale stenar Kåseberga
Ale stenar Kåseberga


26 - 28 July
9 - 11 August 

390 €

  • Special food or special needs